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Pokemon Origin English Subbed
Serving a more faithful adaptation of the Pokémon Red and Blue GameBoy Games, the story follows a young boy named Red, who begins a journey with his Pokémon partner, Charmander, as he seeks to capture all the known Pokémon in the Kanto region, complete the "Ultimate Pokédex", and become the Pokémon League Champion. However, he was too naive when he faced off in a battle against his Rival Blue (Green in the Japenese Version) and his Pokémon Partner, Squirtle, only because he didn't know how a Trainer and their Pokémon bond. This led to Red's defeat, having Green mention how weak he is, and telling him that he should just go back home. However; a strange man approaches Red, telling him that he should go see Pewter City's Gym Leader, if he is willing to learn more about Pokémon Battling. When Red arrives, he discovers that the man he met before was, indeed, the Gym Leader named Brock. He commences a battle with Red, first sending out his Geodude, and Red immediately sending out Charmander. Charmander does little damage to Brock's Geodude, with Brock asking if Red has any other Pokémon with him. Red calls back Charmander, and switches him out for a Nidoran Male. Red then orders Nidoran to use Double Kick, which immediately K.O.'s Brock's Geodude. With this, Red becomes overconfident that Brock will be easy to defeat, until he sends out his Onix, which is incredibly massive. Red orders Nidoran to repeat Double Kick, and Brock , when the second Double Kick successfully lands, orders his Onix to use Bide, a move that doubles in power should the user be struck by a physical move. Red tells Nidoran to use Double Kick once more, failing to knock out Onix. Onix defeats Nidoran, with a single swing of its tail. Red then sends out a Pidgey, then a Rattata, both being knocked out quickly, then he calls out his Metapod, immediately using its String Shot to not only constrict, but to slow down Onix, as well. This only works for a mere second, before Onix breaks free, knocking out Metapod, before it can use String Shot again. Red's final Pokémon is his Charmander, which only has half health, due to Geodude's Tackle Attack. Onix, too, is at half health, but thanks to Metapod's String Shot, Onix is defeated by Red's Charmander, earning Red his first Badge. Red continues his journey
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